“Learning Outcomes (Yours?)”— What does this mean?

My intended and proposed learning outcomes for every course can be found on the syllabus. Under that you will see blank space under a heading “Yours?”. Unless communicated to me it is almost impossible for me to know what your intended goals and learning outcomes for the course are. You are invited to think about […]

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What is an attendance sheet?

At the end of the semester, you may be asked to turn in an attendance sheet to me. You will provide the following details:       Your full name      Number of classes you have missed      Any explanation as to why you have missed these classes and anything else you want to say.     Provide an assessment of your overall […]

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Will you raise the class ceiling?

Please know that I do not intend to raise the ceiling for any of my classes; it is not conducive for discussion which is crucial to the learning goals. I’d recommend that you come to the class or both classes and hopefully you’d find a spot. Almost without exception a few students drop my classes […]

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