Here is the list of various resources that are typically needed and available to you for the course:

  1. Text-Guides (previously textbooks) are listed on the course syllabus

NOTE: Though Islam courses do not presume background knowledge, many students feel more comfortable having consulted and read through one of these short introductory books on Islam. I recommend the following two short introductions written by two of the leading western scholars of Islam:

    • Gibb, Hamilton. Mohammedanism: A Historical Survey (Kessinger Publishing, 2007)
    • Schimmel, Annemarie. Islam: An Introduction. (New York: SUNY, 1992)
  1. Library Guide for The Study of Islam and Islamic Civilization:

NOTE: Put together with the help of able and dedicated librarians this is a good place to begin your research on Islam at Davidson College.

  1. Mr. James Sponsel, Information Literacy
  • Research librarian available to help you locate sources, cite them, install Zotero (citation engine), and other research needs.
  1. Mr. Brian Little, Technology Support Analyst
  • Available for any assistance in technology. Help can also be sought from peer Media Tutors in Studio D in library from 8-11 pm, Sun-Thurs.
  1. Writing Center:
  • Peer writing coaches who can help you at any stage of the writing process.
  1. Speaking Center:
  • Peer coaches to help you enhance in oral presentation skills

Note: Basic writing and speaking skills are generally necessary in all courses. You are therefore strongly encouraged to consult writing and speaking centers for your assignments and class presentations. Look up the links above for more information on the services they provide.