Dear Guests,

You have arrived at a website named Veils & Webs. Truth be told, to date the real reason for its existence is itself veiled. Still, something must be said to welcome you at the Home of this site-of-web.

Veils hide, but to recognize a veil is to also recognize that something is hidden. Webs trap, but can also tie us to a network. A dutiful endeavor than a passion project, Veils & Webs is a culmination and synthesis of SRZ’s maladroit grappling and wrestling – kabaddi or dangal you may say – with the veils and webs erected in the name of learning and education. They seem only to hinder a sincere pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. Centering still on the quest of the holy grail of wise knowing, this site-of-web seeks a vision – and intellectual practice it ushers – in whose illuminating light one could still live a blessed, joyful, thoughtful and intentional life.

Come well, while I try to host you… welcome… to Veils & Webs!

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