South Asian Studies

I grew up in Pakistan, still have family ties and an extended web of friends there, and have lived or traveled in all parts of the country.

In recent years, my scholarly and personal interests have moved in the direction of intersection of Religious Studies and South Asian Studies. Besides being part of the core faculty of South Asian Studies at Davidson College, every year I teach a course on an aspect of South Asian Islam. I have also formally and informally led studies, e.g., on Pakistan (spring 2018) and tutored Urdu to a former student. Most of my courses have a substantial South Asian Islam section, e.g., Empires and Cities that covers the Mughal Empire. 

From time to time, I advise and collaborate with Hast-o-Neest Institute of Traditional Arts and Studies, was once actively engaged with the Islamic Research Institute in Islamabad and their journal Islamic Studies, and occasionally attend the Madison Conference on South Asia.

Below are syllabi for the courses I’ve taught. For South Asian Studies at Davidson, see here.