Course Maps


From students and colleagues I have learned that my courses tend to be less of “a course” but more of a singular “discourse”, that is brewed moment-to-moment, built brick-by-brick and eventually shared stage-by-stage. That is why outline of every course is titled “The Map” which involves various “Stages” of one-long Discourse (or the Intellectual Journey) we undertake in a given semester.

Syllabus for me is NOT a contract between a student and an instructor but a “Map” or/and “Memorandum of Understanding” that hopefully offers much-needed clarity on purpose of the course/class and our respective roles, thus facilitating our Intellectual Journey.

Not that I agree with all that is stated in the following essay “Syllabus as Manifesto”, I do think that reading and thinking about the issues it raises can help us re-imagine, re-think, re-configure and hopefully re-turn to more humane ways and expressions of how we are and what we do in classes and in classrooms.

[NOTE: This source was helpfully shared by my colleague Prof. Fuji Lozada.]

Syllabus as Manifesto: A Critical Approach to Classroom Culture