• REL165: Muslim Americans

    Syllabus: Spring 2017 Our conversation this term will explore historical origins and major events/figures, intellectual currents, cultural practices, selected themes such as representations of Muslims in media, politics and law, and challenges facing Muslim communities in the U.S. Ultimately, the… Read More

  • Introduction to Academic Study of Religion

    Syllabus: Spring 2015 Required of all religion majors, this course is an introduction to the academic study of Religion. Our study will involve critical examination of various methods, disciplines, and theories employed in the academic study of religion, focusing… Read More

  • C.S. Lewis

    Syllabus: Spring 2017

  • Islamic City

    Syllabus: Spring 2017| Fall 2018 There are various ways of studying a culture, civilization or a religious tradition. One can choose the window of history (thus studying its historical origins and evolution), read the various texts its inhabitants has produced,… Read More

  • Islam in the Modern Age

    Syllabi: Spring 2014 » Spring 2017 What is it about? Popular discourse often characterizes ‘Islam’ and ‘Modernity’ as two mutually exclusive points of view. Such attitudes are frequented exhibited in questions such as: “Is Islam compatible with democracy?” or “Does… Read More

  • Nostalgic Islam

    Syllabus: Fall 2018 What can we learn about Islam and Muslims by observing closely significant contents of collective Muslim memory and heritage? What shared memories are “deeply present” and have persisted and endured across space (various Muslim populations on… Read More

  • Islamic Ethics

    Syllabi: Spring 2011 » Fall 2014 » Fall 2018 This course is an overview of Islamic ethical life and thought through 1) a survey of various modes of Islamic ethical thinking and 2) a close reading of seminal Muslim ethical texts. There are… Read More