Islamic Studies

1. Windows into the House of Islam [i.e., Introduction to Islam]

   i. In-to Muslim Lives (i.e., Being Muslim)
 ii.  In-to Ritual Life
 iii. In-to Spaces [i.e., study of Islamic Cities]
 iv. In-to society, institutions, culture of the Traditional World of Islam
v. In-to the Art of Islamic tradition
 vi. In-to how is Islam introduced these days through Book Club-style study of various “Introductions to Islam”
 vii. In-to the complexities of the study of Islam through a close study of late Prof. Shahab Ahmad’s What is Islam? The Importance of Being Islamic
viii. In-to the Muslim Worldview
ix.In-to the Qur’an and its Interpreters
2.    Knowledge and its Transmission in the Muslim World
3.     Seminal Islamic Thinkers and Texts
4.   Muslim Minorities & Sectarianism