Open Space

It means exactly what it says: An Open Space. Since there is no way for me to know or help accommodate interests of every class participant, you are invited to choose and explore a theme that is important to you in relation to our subject of study. Put simply: You will “lead your own way”. Welcome to the life of thinking and leadership!

You will have to figure out:

▪️ The theme or topic;

▪️ How to go about exploring it;

▪️ What form these explorations will take;

▪️ What conclusions you draw from these explorations;

▪️ How best to document your research and conclusions and with whom you seek to share those; and

▪️ How to evaluate the value of your explorations.

I am available to you at every step of the journey and encourage you to meet with me at significant junctures of the process. That said how much you want to engage me is your choice too.

SRZ’s favorite intellectual practice to date, this is potentially also the most rigorous and creative assignment of all. That said, its bitter (or sweet) fruits for you rely heavily on how you use your ‘open space’ and what level of dedication you bring to it. The whole journey (i.e., from choosing the theme-question until the final self-evaluation) is expected to be guided by one’s honor or/and conscience.