REL 273 Catholicism and Shiism (with Prof. Lustig) Spring 2020

Our course is a study of two traditions, Catholic Christianity and Shiite Islam, and of the two together, i.e., relationally, comparatively and dialogically. A substantial background of the two traditions (offered by instructors in SECTION I “Introduction to Catholicism” & II “Introduction to Shiite Islam”) will set us up to then observe and probe in SECTION III the similarities and points of departure between the two traditions, and dialogue (whether existent or potential) that could occur between their proponents. Put differently, if they happen to have a chance encounter with one another and grow in familiarity with the other side, what would the thinkers and adherents of the two traditions see and say to one another, and why? How would they respond to each other’s questions? Our intellectual journey this spring is trying to capture such an encounter and dialogue. Optional and subject to reevaluation in light of how our conversations proceed, SECTION IV will take up certain themes of shared investment for both traditions, for example, their negotiation with modernity and secularism.