Book Report

The purpose of the book report is to carve an open space within the course curriculum for you. Within this space you are invited to explore more deeply a course-related theme of your interest by reading closely a book on that theme. It is strongly recommended that you choose the book no later than two months into the semester. Consultation with the instructor for your choice of book is also highly encouraged. Also read at least two “academic” reviews of books similar to the one you have picked. These academic reviews will be like “role-models” and will help you make sense of the purpose, tone, format and style of writing a book review. (These reviews need to be cited with the information on the book and a copy attached to the book report that will be delivered to the professor.)  As with most assignments, the audience of the book report is your REL class.

The book report has three sections:

Section I (3 pages) will be a carefully written summary that will include the background information of the author and his expertise on the subject, purpose for writing this book, structure, audience (who is s/he writing for or/and against), content, major arguments and evidence contained within the book.

Section II (2 pages) will then carefully evaluate and analyze the book and its significance in light of the relevant and applicable material that you have learned throughout the semester. A book report that lacks engagement with the assigned readings and knowledge gained during the course will be deemed incomplete.

Section III (1 page) will be your reflections on the book regarding ways in which it influenced your thinking on the theme, aspects of the book that were particularly insightful or/and confusing (and why), both for you and for our study in relation to the course.

Citations: Proper citations are expected at all times. One-inch margins. You may use Chicago or MLA format.