Frequently Asked Questions

A Note on Grades

  It is worthwhile for us to undertake a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of the grading system, its underlying purpose and intent, its effects on the classroom, particularly on the professor-student and student-student relationships. Despite having… Read More

A Note on Being Used by Technology

Using Technology or Being Used by It?

A Note on Learning Outcomes (Yours?)

My intended and proposed learning outcomes for every course can be found on the syllabus. Under that you will see blank space under a heading “Yours?”. Unless communicated to me it is almost impossible for me to know… Read More

A Note on Absence from (& Presence in) the Classroom

Being Present (& Active Presence): Being inside the classroom space does not automatically classify as “being present”. Your presence is “felt” through its overall qualitative impact, through  your wakefulness, attentiveness, level of concentration and investment, and significance of… Read More